Busy bee for the next few weeks!

Oh how I’m looking forwards too these next few weeks! On Wednesday I’m having two lessons with new people around Kambo and on Thursday I’ll get on the merry train up to Trondheim for another Weekendclinic! And guess what – it’s full! Again!!!!

I’ll be between four stables this time, so it was a bit of a puzzle getting it together, but with such helpful people it was no bother to make it work! It didn’t even take that long to make the lists – which I am very happy about!

I’ve said it before but I will continue to say it – I love teaching ❤️ it’s magical, it’s amazing and truly wonderful to be allowed to help people and take part in their journey!

The week after I’m going back to England! To see princess! How I miss her! Not for to long though – only five days. But it’s five days more than none!

Look at that face! Aaawh how can one not fall in love with this face?!

When I come back from England. I’m going to start changing my medicine – after seeing my neurologist last week and deciding that after all this time, the medication still stops me from doing what I’d love to do – working with horses. She decided it’s time to try something else. This scares me a bit so this is a conversation for another time.

For now we can keep the positive vibe going! I’m fit enough to be on my feet all day teaching – which I also love & I’m gonna enjoy in a few days time! 🌟 B u z z i n g 🌟

Take Care


Ancha XO


Thanks for having me Torshus Folkehøgskule 😍

So last weekend I was invited up to Trondheim, to be the guest trainer of Torshus(yearly) Summercamp, 2019 edition! I was so honoured and excited and I had a very lovely time!We had absolutely stunning weather! Maybe a touch to hot, but one shouldn’t complain about that in a summer that’s trying to hide away from us!It was such a picturesque setting to wake up and work in that it stole my eyes many a time – but who could blame me! Sadly I was REALLY!!!!! bad with regards to taking photos myself but i am hoping that some of the ladies did and can send me some so I can share it with you!It was a lovely bunch, both on two and four legs!I got totally spoiled, picked up at the airport (luxury), a lovely little apartment to stay in, all food sorted and yummy dinners! I didn’t have to do any organisation work (maybe I went to heaven) I just had to show up and do what I love most – TEACH 🥰Everyone was so open and willing to take in new knowledge and I really hope I left leaving everyone with a few new tools they can use to continue and develop their riding and partnership with their horse/s.This was my first time leaving my comfort zone of the place I normally go to in Trondheim – where I used to work and have been doing weekendclinics for, I think now 3/4 years.I was a bit worried, just because i get so anxious and shy around new people. But once I step in to that arena and see the horses, with the humans on top – all my worries goes away – this is my element, this is the one place I feel the most safe ❤️I feel this was a really important step for me and my future career – the belief of that

It will be good, I will enjoy it, because I am doing what I love & that brings me confidence

There is always things we can improve on, places we can grow, but that’s part of our whole life and future – this is important to feel I think. Comfortable with what you are doing and who you are, but always open for selfgrowth and a hunger to continue to learn!Anyway, that’s enough rambling for one post!Once again, a hugeThank You! To everyone who was involved in organising the clinic, supporting me, making sure everything ran smoothly and to everyone attending it!I had an absolutely wonderful time! And I hope I see you all again very soon!All my LoveTake CareAncha XO

Sun, rain, friends, horses & life. Last day in the UK for this time!❤️

Hello lovely readers!

Well here it’s raining – hope it’s better weather wherever you are! We’ve had a nice enough weekend though so I guess I shouldn’t complain…to much!

Pascal and all of the rest of the gang enjoyed it just as much as we did!

I have loved being back here! And been maybe slightly overly enthusiastic & am now paying the price for that a little! It was totally worth it though!

I will sit down and try to write a proper, in depth blog post regards everything that’s going on, both the good and the bad – but not whilst I’m here. Right now I’m gonna enjoy my last day as much as I possibly can!

I’m gonna ride Doc at 12, or try at least! I got a reminder from my back this morning whilst I was mucking out “OiOi there! Remember you’re quite weak and unfit!!!”

So it got a little tweak and was a bit naughty for a few hours. Feeling better now tho but want to be on the safe side! I want to leave here feeling good!

And fair enough! It’s 8 months since I last did any sort of “work”.

This is a really old photo! From a riding holiday in Portugal! Life was simpler then. But gosh have I learnt a lot of really valuable lessons from that moment up til today! Even though today’s life isn’t quite as simple – in many ways I’m so much stronger and more equipped to deal with life now than I was then – even through my doubts. It’s all a journey.

Heather is having a lesson later today, where they will continue to work with the piaffe and passage under saddle – last week was the first time. Look how stunning they are!

Its amazing to see the difference when this horse kicks his extra gear in! He looks like a million!

And with that. I better run and get ready for riding myself.

Take Care


Ancha XO

Enjoying my time in England 🌞❤️


I’m sorry I haven’t been updating this much lately! It’s just hard to find inspiration when you’re not around the horses!

Now however! Things have changed and I’m very excited to slowly but surely let you in on all the little secrets about what’s been going on lately!

This is big!

I’m so so so happy I could burst!

If you follow my other social media pages you will know some already. Not to worry though blog readers – I will update you too!

But not in this post! In this post I will share some lovely moments from my time back in the UK which I’m loving to the fullest!

I was so happy to see Danza again! I’ve missed her so much! And the thoughts that’s been spinning around in my head has been so dark – having to think along the lines of having to sell my black princess was breaking my heart!

However – I don’t think I need to think down those lines any longer because I am feeling much better! And me and Danza are very happy about that!

The weather has been treating me quite nicely! Unfortunately the selfies are not improving!

All the horses here are well! I’m enjoying spending time at the yard again. Cuddling & hugging all the boys and girls! Watching the horses working. Seeing all the clients and my friends again – it is such a lovely feeling ❤️

Of course this one!

And my gerbils! But they have not been very willing objects to photograph yet, I will keep trying!

Hope you have enjoyed all these pictures! I do love sharing my pictures. Do you enjoy them? Or would you prefer less pictures and more writing? I’d love to hear your opinion!

Take Care


Ancha XO

A bundle of fluffy cuteness coming your way!

A new life has been brought in to this world! A little stallion.

He is sooooooo cute!

And yes! I absolutely adore baby horses!

He is a cold-blooded trotter and is quite big! He has the tinyest, smooshiest and most huggable muzzle! He is very active and brave! Likes to explore life to its fullest and loves to play!

But as babies do play, they also get tired.

Figuring out how all the legs work is easier said than done! But don’t worry folks! I have it under control….ish! Haha

And sometimes when mommy horse demands some loving the little one gets jealous! And finds someone else to talk to. Just toooo cute.

Trees are fascinating!

And it’s yet unclear wether this is a moving tree or not.

He obviously prefers milk but as any true adventurous foal, what mommy does – baby does, right? I’m not sure he enjoyed it though, at least not yet. It will come!

Milk on the other hand – now that’s yummy!

He still hasn’t got a name. It’s not so easy. And my grandfather likes to take his time. What we do know is he will be named Månestjernas ________ something. As that is the mother’s name. Which in English means Moonstar.

And with that we say bye bye for this time. I hope you have enjoyed this little BABYBOOM post! I think I have 500 photos at least on my phone – whopsie! But I mean look at that. How could you not?

Take Care

Ancha XO

Thank you Trondheim

So last weekend – my Trondheim Clinic – was A M A Z I N G !! Like usual! I had the best of times and it was so nice to go out and do one of the things I love the most again!Things were a bit different to accommodate for everything that’s going on. A bit fewer lessons, more breakes in-between the lessons & I spent most of my teaching time sitting (normally I like standing and moving around) but! I did it – it went well & everyone attending did a great job 🥰A few of us went out for dinner on Friday evening which also was lovely.I met some new people and horses which is always exciting. And the variety of everyone i get to meet really makes everything more intriguing – I really need to be switched on and tuned in to every single one and restart in-between! I love it! I was reeeaaaally!!!!! BAD at taking photos this time. But got a few!I was so worried before I went up – was I gonna be able to do a good job?But though I got tired, as long as I managed to sit down once I started feeling bad – everything went well – which I was very relieved about.And I do have the best “clients” / riders & friends ever! They’re so supporting, welcoming & understanding! ❤️
Can’t wait for the next one & no more worries!Til next time!Take CareAncha XO

I Have an Illness?! How did this happen…

Hey! I have some news for you and they’re kinda news for me as well. I have gotten a diagnosis

Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension

It’s completely unrelated to my arm and the struggles I’ve had surrounding this – the reason I left my gorgeous princess in UK and went to Norway is still unknown.

What is Idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH)

It basically means that the fluid surrounding your spinal cord and head builds up and creates to much pressure in your head.

Reasons, symptoms and treatments varies hugely from person to person. It’s as rare as 0.9 per 100.000 people who gets “IIH”. But it is mostly seen in fertile women who is overweight.

How Did We Notice This?

I went to my yearly check up to the optician – I was gonna swap one of my glasses out. She measures the pressure in my eyes and takes pictures – then we do the normal eye test. In the end she says she sees swelling on my eyes called pappiledema and wants to send me for further tests at the eye doctor. I go there straight away for more tests and she then sends me further to the neurological department at the big hospital nearby. There I stay for 6 days.

I by this time did not know at all what was wrong and was very scared! I didn’t understand how a normal check-up at optician could end up here at the neurological department. I kept thinking what on earth is wrong with me.

I eventually got a room(first 4 hours of the first night I lived in the aisle) and got a shower. Much appreciated! I have to say my family here was very supportive and caring – I was almost never alone ❤️

I came in on a Friday and got told if they didn’t get to do the tests during the weekend then Monday was the day. Monday came and I then got told that patience is a vertue and that I should just wait cus I wasn’t prioritised. I asked for permission to go and take my MRI’s and x-ray for Wednesday and got NO as an answer. This really took me by surprise and I wanted to leave. I tried to ask what was wrong but still no answer. Dad comes and we decide to have a word and explain the situation further and was then given the ok to go.

I was waiting for a head and spinal cord MRI at Kalnes (the hospital I was admitted to) and a lumbar puncture. I got the MRI on Tuesday and they tried and failed to do the lumbar puncture on Wednesday. All they managed to do was to create a lot of pain.

My back was not happy!

On Thursday they were gonna try again – this time with an ultrasound machine. They struggled for 30 minutes I think and couldn’t find where to stick the needle, eventually I get asked to sit up, he finally finds the right place, gets the needle in, fairly smoothly without to much pain. Then to my and the assistent nurse BIG SURPRISE I get asked to lay back down, with the needle stuck in my back. This somewhat freaked me out!! I then layed there as they measured the pressure and drained out some of the cerebrospinal fluid to help lower the pressure in my head, before he removes the needle, puts a plaster on and tells me to drink cola or coffee and rest for a while. Later that day I get sent home. With the diagnosis

Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension

I have googled and googled but it’s not so nice. It can lead to nastyness I’d rather not have or think about. I’m now on medication, this is day 3, unfortunately it brings a lot of side effects which of course I am experiencing – I mean I’m not really on a lucky roll here so I wasn’t expecting it to suddenly turn now….. But I am home & I am feeling ok! 8 pills a day when I’m on full medication, ugh!

All we can do now is to keep our fingers crossed that my body responds to the medication and weight loss and that the illness doesn’t progress further!

I got the most gorgeous picture sent to me of princess today ;

Gosh I miss her ❤️ I miss her so much!

It’s not been a very nice week, it’s been a lot of thoughts, questions and fears. And there isn’t really a lot of answers yet unfortunately. But I’m hoping that the pictures I’ve done privately with my doctor will show something regards the arm so I gets some answers there. Nest meeting regarding the IIH is 8th of April.

What brings peace to my mind is that I know Danza is getting the best care and that the support system I have in the UK too is absolutely amazing, I am truly blessed and so greatful!

I want to thank all of my followers too who is taking part of this journey with me and apologies it’s a complete disaster at the moment! But hopefully you can follow me on the journey back to what I love the most. Being around my beautiful horses!

Thank you ❤️

Love Ancha XO