Next week is going to be epic!

OMG! I can’t wait for next week! My Trondheim clinic is up and it is absolutely packed!! How amazing is that? I am so excited! Can’t wait!

Danza is still on boxrest and hand walking – naughty bramble! But tomorrow I will steal Ziezu and have a lesson on her. We will see how it goes because I have done something to my arm.

Not great! It is much better now and I can cope with just a bandage but gosh it is soooooo weak! Ugh! Not great. I feel often when you got a bump more bumps follow. Untill they smoothen out by themselves. Just need to ride it out. Easier said than done but hey!

The photos from my photoshoot has come through and they are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Can’t wait to show you guys! Still need to decide on my top 16. I’ve managed to narrow it down to I think 18, only two more has to go. But I am so torn! Will make an own post for this photoshoot and tell you all about it! I loved it! And the photos. Looking so much forward to be able to show them off!

Hope this weekend has treated you well. This last week has been very busy. But should have more time as traveling next week. I find that a great time to write blogs actually.

Take Care

Ancha XO


New week new things to seek

So another week has passed and this week has commenced. What’s going on? Well the photographer is coming which I’m excited about and I’m going shopping tonight to see if I can find something nice to wear. Danza looks like a wooly teddy bear haha!

After being stuck in a bramble bush and then scaring me yesterday it seems Danza is now back in action! Finally

Squirrel is doing very well and that makes me so happy.

I will make a new short update video for you later this week! We have made more trees in the stables to get him back jumping and hopping around which he seems very happy about. And acorn’s seems to be a huge hit!

Over on my Instagramwhich you can find here I am doing a 30 day challenge, it’s almost finished now but it has been loads of fun!

Found this old picture of my beautiful prince! Love this photo ❤️

On Saturday we went and saw a ABBA tribute band which was cool – also nice to be in something different than horse clothes!

Anyway I hope the beginning of this week has treated you well!

Take Care

Ancha XO

Behind schedule!

So Danza has been a really good girl and been going out with all the other horses, in a new field even. Unfortunately as she’s not very good at being a horse….. she got stuck in a bramble bush (not bad she did eventually figure out this was a bad idea) but the thorns left her a reminder and she’s been off work with infected leg this week. Gaaaaah! So annoying when things were going so well…. Typical horses.

Her leg is almost back to normal now and I plan on starting to gently ride her again over the weekend.

We won September’s online dressage competition as I’ve said before but thought I could share the prices with you.

Danza liked her rossie ❤️ and the colour red suits her beautifully I think, haha!

Quito in the other hand, was not so impressed when I let him borrow it;

He’s like

“OMG human….what are you doing to me

Haha at least we know for the future that he will not be scared of having rosettes put on his bridle – first time can be slightly overly excitable! Trust me I’ve been there!

Anyway. Today I am out shopping, trying to find something nice for my photoshoot on Wednesday with Liz Ebsworth Photography and I am so excited! Would be more excited if I found anything to wear!!

I am wishing you all a lovely weekend and I’ll talk to you again soon!

Take Care

Ancha XO

Let’s talk about Elementary 49 & meet my new fury friend


I’ve just got my results back from this month’s online dressage competition and I’m really happy to say we won it ! Yey! 67% was the end result and I’m so happy! This test showed up a lot of our weaknesses so we really have been working hard! Test still had bloopers in it! Obviously her majesty has a lot of opinions about life.

But the overall feeling overall was so much better and considering we got as low as a 5.5 to gain 67% is not bad haha! Means it was lots to like. I agree with the comments from the judge 100% and we continue to work hard! Hoping next text suits us a bit better (wishful thinking here on my part)

This is a photo of princess with her auntie Debbie who had an awesome lesson together yesterday as you’ve seen if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook.

You can watch my latest vlog by clicking here where you’ll see bits of the test and also get introduced toooooooo:

Squirrily 😍 we saved him or her last week as it was spooking one of our horses whilst it was working in the indoor arena. It is absolutely adorable and I totally fallen in love with this fury one!

It also has gotten quite some visitors coming round;

Abi was a bit sceptical at first but then

Once she realised it was nice quite liked it I think!

Another visitor;

Kim on the other hand was definitely not sceptical and squirrily had loads of fun playing with her!

Yeah, as you can tell completely obsessed 😂 I mean who wouldn’t be right?

Anyway I will leave it here lovelies !

Wish you all a good week.

Take Care

Ancha XO

Linda and Mat working – let me talk you through a lesson.

So I promised to share some pictures from when Linda rode Mat. Sorry it has taken a while but here we go.

They were doing loads of work without stirrups and on the Franklin Balls to find the middle, get more supple and more deep and soft in the seat. The Franklin Balls are absolutely great for that.

They were also working on the horse’s suppleness by doing travers and half passes as they went on in the lesson.

After that when both horse and rider felt straight, supple and quick they went on to work on flying changes.

Mat is a big, powerful and strong horse with a bit of a poor self balance so to get the right amount of support and self carriage is always a thing the riders has to help him with. He does changes down to one times, which is his party trick, but to be able to really ride and make the change “yours” and of good quality still is important! They did a really great job and after a bit of trial and error they started speaking the same language and the changes got beautiful!

I love to watch lessons and see how they evolve, what they work on, how the teacher helps the client throughout the session, potential issues or problems how they get solved and also if it’s different or the same as I am seeing. I think it is an absolutely excellent way to widen my own experience and knowledge.

I love to do sneak shots because you can see the genuine feeling not something posed. And judging by this one – I would say she really enjoyed herself!

Til the next time.

Take Care

Ancha XO

Sleep well our friend ❤️

Unfortunately this blog is bringing sad news and many tears as we have had to say goodbye to a dear friend of ours.

Imp Act aka Ben took his last breath on Thursday evening.

It is not long ago I did an Introductory post where this lovely chap was featured and now he’s gone. Feels unreal. This horse brought so many people indescribable joy, love and confidence, he truly was the definition of a gentleman.

We have been truly blessed to have been allowed to get to know this guy! The “catch me if you can” & “where are my sweeties” attitude though could be slightly annoying always brought a smile to our faces.

One thing is for sure – he was truly loved by everyone who meet him & he touched everyone’s hearts. He will never be forgotten. He has definitely put a mark on our hearts which will always be there.

Now he will be forever cantering free, without pain and worries on the forever green pastures beyond the sky.

We will miss you Ben ❤️

Thank you for everything you did for us, Quendon Dressage and Training clients and everyone before you came here.

Rest In Peace

Love Ancha XO

Spoiled @ weekend training!

We are continuing our practice for the dressage test. We need to film it this week (sent in by 10pm on Sunday 26th)

I haven’t even tried to ride the different parts together, I feel soooooo behind. Never mind.

On a good note, Linda from Dare to Dream Dressage has been here since Thursday, she is Heather’s niece. She is a dressage rider & trainer aaaaand trainee judge. So she had loads of good tips to help us from a judge’s point of view for our test riding – how great hey! So very much appreciated! So good to get other people’s opinions and tips too, it really is so so helpful!

She also rode Danza and Mat whilst she was here. I have some of it on my vlog which you can watch by clicking here. And will share some pictures of her riding Mat in another post. Unfortunately they’re not great as it’s starting to get darker and I still haven’t managed to buy a better lense for my camera – one day!

It has been so much fun having her over again!

Hope it’s not so long til next time!

Take Care

Ancha XO