Busy bee for the next few weeks!

Oh how I’m looking forwards too these next few weeks! On Wednesday I’m having two lessons with new people around Kambo and on Thursday I’ll get on the merry train up to Trondheim for another Weekendclinic! And guess what – it’s full! Again!!!!

I’ll be between four stables this time, so it was a bit of a puzzle getting it together, but with such helpful people it was no bother to make it work! It didn’t even take that long to make the lists – which I am very happy about!

I’ve said it before but I will continue to say it – I love teaching ❤️ it’s magical, it’s amazing and truly wonderful to be allowed to help people and take part in their journey!

The week after I’m going back to England! To see princess! How I miss her! Not for to long though – only five days. But it’s five days more than none!

Look at that face! Aaawh how can one not fall in love with this face?!

When I come back from England. I’m going to start changing my medicine – after seeing my neurologist last week and deciding that after all this time, the medication still stops me from doing what I’d love to do – working with horses. She decided it’s time to try something else. This scares me a bit so this is a conversation for another time.

For now we can keep the positive vibe going! I’m fit enough to be on my feet all day teaching – which I also love & I’m gonna enjoy in a few days time! 🌟 B u z z i n g 🌟

Take Care


Ancha XO


Sun, rain, friends, horses & life. Last day in the UK for this time!❤️

Hello lovely readers!

Well here it’s raining – hope it’s better weather wherever you are! We’ve had a nice enough weekend though so I guess I shouldn’t complain…to much!

Pascal and all of the rest of the gang enjoyed it just as much as we did!

I have loved being back here! And been maybe slightly overly enthusiastic & am now paying the price for that a little! It was totally worth it though!

I will sit down and try to write a proper, in depth blog post regards everything that’s going on, both the good and the bad – but not whilst I’m here. Right now I’m gonna enjoy my last day as much as I possibly can!

I’m gonna ride Doc at 12, or try at least! I got a reminder from my back this morning whilst I was mucking out “OiOi there! Remember you’re quite weak and unfit!!!”

So it got a little tweak and was a bit naughty for a few hours. Feeling better now tho but want to be on the safe side! I want to leave here feeling good!

And fair enough! It’s 8 months since I last did any sort of “work”.

This is a really old photo! From a riding holiday in Portugal! Life was simpler then. But gosh have I learnt a lot of really valuable lessons from that moment up til today! Even though today’s life isn’t quite as simple – in many ways I’m so much stronger and more equipped to deal with life now than I was then – even through my doubts. It’s all a journey.

Heather is having a lesson later today, where they will continue to work with the piaffe and passage under saddle – last week was the first time. Look how stunning they are!

Its amazing to see the difference when this horse kicks his extra gear in! He looks like a million!

And with that. I better run and get ready for riding myself.

Take Care


Ancha XO

Bad role models in the equestrian world?

Days go past one much like the other. But I am working hard on keeping my head high. The MRI is rescheduled for next Saturday. And I really hope to get some more information on what’s going on. But today I want to talk to you about something quite different.

I read someone else’s blog this morning. Saying a lot of negative things regarding horses and role models in the equestrian sport. That we treat our horses badly, work them wrongly and take away all their rights to be horses. Well I have to say I disagree, strongly. We have horses here, working up to Grand Prix, old proper school masters. And if I look at that picture above and the pictures below. I do not see an unhappy horse at all.

Why do we have to tear each other apart? Why do we not try to help and lift each other up instead? Why do we spend so much time trying to find faults in others, rather than seeking out the good and extraordinary things they can do?

I’m not saying there aren’t things that should be lifted up and discussed to increase the welfare of the horses and animals in general. But should we really think everyone out there are going out their ways to treat, keep, ride and train their horses in as bad a way as they possibly can? Do people really look to the professionals thinking they want to hurt their horses. That they want to waste 6-10 years on one horse, to get a few years in the spotlight, to then throw the horse away and start all over? To think this saddens me.


I believe not ❤️ and I will chose to continue my belief until more people see it too.

Take Care

Ancha XO

Pre Birthday Celebrations – Family Visit

This has been a very unusual weekend – as I haven’t been horseying around!

My dad and his girlfriend has been here. My cousin and her boyfriend stayed in Cambridge.

We have been eating lovely food

We managed to escape the escape room!!

We went to Colchester Zoo and now more than ever do I want a bird ❤️

Look how beautiful they are!

Under here is a slideshow from the Zoo. I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s quite a lot of pictures but I hope you enjoy it!

It was a lovely weekend. They obviously got to meet Danza and Squirrelie too, I’m pretty sure both of them thought it was great! Or shall I say all four of them, animals and humans haha!

Seeing how it was fathers Day yesterday I will end this with this picture.

Take Care

And hope your week will be good!

Ancha XO

A sisterly timehop – Meet my lilsis Sandra

Hey everyone! I’m gonna start with telling you a little bit about myself. I’m Anne-Charlotte’s sister, we have the same mother, and I’m 6,5 years younger than her. Oh and my name is Sandra. I live in Sweden and just finished a bartender-course in Mallorca, so now I’m a bartender and looking for a job somewhere in the world. So hit me up if you need a bartender somewhere 😉

So, let’s talk about me and Ancha. We like singing, writing and horses (though my sister’s horse-interest has always been much bigger) and we’ve always had very good grades in school. Still, me and my sister has always been very different.

It might have looked like we had the perfect childhood, but that isn’t the full truth. We had to grow up way too fast and I think that ruined our relationship. We fought a lot and always blamed the other person when we got in trouble. I think that is one of the main reasons why our relationship is a bit hurt.

I sometimes wish that we had a better relationship, a closer bond. And sometimes I think that it’s too late, and that we’re too different. And that what we have today is enough. Maybe someday in the future, we will be closer.

But, instead of talking about the difficult things about being kids, I will tell you about some of the fun we had together. We could sit and play will dolls and barbies for hours and during the summers we would play in the pool until our skin was like raisins. We sang karaoke, with Swedish Schlager and danced to pop-music on my wii.

Last time I saw my sister was in February this year, and that was when I visited her in London. We lived at a nice hotel and ate a lot of good food. I would say that food is both mine and my sister’s biggest interest. Though she is a bit more fussy than I am.

So, if you wanna charm either of us – FOOD is always the answer!

xo, Sandra

Results Elementary 44 – Dressage Riders Online

I’m really chuffed – not only was it an ok result and we came 2nd – but I’ve found my confidence again. Doing this online competition awakened something in me and I will share some of my marks and comments from the judge and link you to the vlog I did about it so you can have a look if you’d like.

We had marks between 5 & 7.5 which I think was very realistic and fair. Our high mark we gained in our right 15 m circle and the low mark we got down our last centre line haha!

Here is a link to my vlog I did. It shows the good and the bad bits! It also explain how it all works and my thoughts about it.

I am going to do another one this month, same level but a different test so I am very excited to see how we will do.

I also want to share with you this amazing competition Dressage Riders Online are doing.

Click here to take part! You can win a whole years worth of entries not only for yourself but for a friend also!! How cool! Needless to say, I have already entered! So I kind of want to wish you good luck, but the same time not – because I want to win it(whopsie selfish moment here!!)

With the pretty rosette I will end this blog for now and wish you all a very good start of a new week!

Take Care

Ancha XO

Get to know my dance partner – Danza

Continuing on the introductions, I think it is time for you to get to know my precious little princess!

Let’s get the facts out first.
Name; D’alie’s Dance
Date Of Birth; 26-05-08
Sex; Mare
Breeding: Sire – Sarento(Sandro Hit) Dam – Don Primaire(Donnerhall)
Height; 17.1/2 HH
Nicknames; Princess, Sweetiepops,Grumpysaur, Ploppsi, Sunshine. But the most used one is Danza.


Danza has been with me since December time 2016 so our relationship is still fairly new.
When I bought her she was being advertised mainly as a broodmare as she had shown to be difficult to sell as a pure competition horse.
I had seen her out for sale before, but for a price I could not afford. When I then saw her again, I couldn’t resist. I went and saw her. Rode her. Barely got any tune out of her AT ALL, but loved the feeling of her paces and the fact she didn’t hurt my body.
I shouted out to Heather ” She is soooooo comfy!”
And then I hear Heather say to the guy – your horse has found herself a new home. This was true.

Danza has a strong competition record up to Medium, and on her climb achieved scores up to 80% – we have not competed yet.


She is a lady who knows what she wants and is not scared of letting you know. She is very strong willed, has strong opinions about life – what should happen and what she don’t think should happen. She is quite some lady!!

But at the same time.

She is an incredibly affectionate horse. She will follow your every move around the yard & talk to you. Hugs and kisses are given at any time she can and she absolutely loves cuddles. Eating and getting groomed are two of her favourite activities. She is in her own way a little bit timid but filled with love.


I knew buying her was to take a chance on something that maybe would go well or maybe not.
Even though we have had our ups and downs – no horse has ever taught me as much as Danza. She is so challenging and no day is like the other.

She is the horse that has really opened up my mind, my toolbox is bigger than ever and I’ve learnt to become very humble yet with a no-nonsense approach towards the horses I work with.

Danza is a horse which is very awake and a little useless at being outside-she finds that quite terrifying. It ia getting better, the calming cookies are really helping her – though she is not wind or waterproof yet!

Patience is a virtue and princess needs daily reminders about this…to wait – take a chill pill!

She has the most gorgeous eye’s. They have so much expression and depth in them – she has a lot of history to tell.

And with that – the introduction is over. Hope I’ve managed to create a determined, witty and loving picture of my dance partner.

If you have any questions I will do my best to answer them!

Do you have a introduction post about your horse? I’d love to read it, please drop me a link!

Take Care

Ancha XO