I think someone has swapped my horse for a new one!

Oh My GOD!!

Something is going on and it’s something really good! It is such a long time ago I felt happy like this – and gosh it’s a nice feeling! I almost don’t believe it – I am going to embrace it and hold on to it for as long as I can.

It’s something which is really hard for me! When I’m out teaching I’m comfortable, confident and trust myself – but take that environment away from me and I want to just go and hide!

Writing it here, makes it even more real! And that’s fine!

We all deserve to be happy and enjoy what we do and who we are and also the feelings we are experiencing, they’re all welcomed, even if they’re positive! ( I’m convinced you all think I’m nuts at this point! But honest to God – positivity is something I don’t often let in – it is a working progress! )

So anyway! My horse has been on the Calming Powder for about 5 days now and then I give her a cookie before riding and it’s like someone has gone and swapped my horse out for a new one! It is absolutely amazing the difference in her. I am over the moon!

Later today my vlog will hopefully be out – so excited can’t wait to share it with you!

Take Care

Ancha XO


Tied hair and no april fools

I have to say, I’m not a huge fan of this day, so much silly stuff going around which is just…. 😂 anyway, some people really do and some fools are better than others.

This though!!! Is excellent ! I’d love to have as long hair as Deb! Sadly I don’t.

I rode Bertie today

He was a good boy, we worked on the contact and reaction 😊

Deb rode my little princess and they did really well, so nice to see her development. Specially her mentality and the way she’s started to relax in herself(my horse obviously, not Deb)

I love my horse, she brings me so much joy! Some heartache sweat and tears aswel, but mostly she brings love ❤ I’m lucky to have her. And she’s just so beautiful!

Today’s been a vlogging day, so I will start edit that later so it’s ready to upload by tomorrow afternoon.

Hope you’ve had a great easter. We were out for dinner yesterday, it was lovely;

Was so nice.

Enjoy the rest of your evening.

Take Care

Best Wishes

Ancha XO

Lovely sunny Days with the boys and girls ❤

The weather here lately has been absolutely lovely!!

Sunny, blue sky, almost no wind and between 10 & 13 degrees 😍almost no jacket required 🤗

Doc and Ben, they’re like best friends! Aaaand mega huggy!!! Just look at them!

I like “my little boys” it’s nice to be around and spend time with horses who are happy and enjoying life, makes my day to day life much easier.

What isn’t making anything easier is the fact the clocks changed!! Aaaaaaaah!!! My brain can’t cope! It’s 00.40 now & here I am. Writing on my blog, I should be fast asleep by now,but naaaaah!!

Anyway, we’ve had a big clearout, I will take pictures and show you tomorrow! It’s so nice, but we were out til 9pm today, 7.30 am all way through til 9 pm is a long day. But I was just like to Heather, LET’S DO IT!!!! And we did 🤗🎉

Right. Need to sleep..

Take care

Best Wishes

Ancha XO

Q&A time! Get your questions in! Can be anything equestrian, or not?🤔🤗

So, I am doing a Q&A you can ask your questions anonymously


Or drop your questions down below! I will be answering tomorrow(monday) not decided if I’m going live, or just prerecord it, let me know what you’d like 🤗

Happy asking 😘

Take Care

Best Wishes

Ancha XO

Motivational Rider – How do we keep the training interesting?

Well, seeing how it is wednesday, that means I share a motivational quote on my facebook and instagram page. Today I shared this picture;

wednesdaywisdom 140318.jpg

This is a photo of my old horse Nebrijano – which now lives in Sweden with a lovely lady having a fantastic life!

I think – we need to be motivational when we ride. We need to keep our horses intrigued & interested in what we are asking of them.
Just like when I teach people, I need to keep them wanting to all the time seek more knowledge, further their horizons.

But the question then is – how do we do this?

I think this is a very wide and difficult subject but I will try to share with you some of the things I do.

Firstly, if your horse is safe to hack out on – that is a great way to split up the training, they get to see the world, take in their surroundings. I find this is a great way to keep horses heads focused, because they take in so much information about the “outside world”.
Another thing you can do to change up your training(this is if you’re a dressage rider) is to do some polework or jumping. It doesn’t have to be very complicated, or big jumps. It only needs to be a few poles, or a little jump – this will also break the pattern and make the horse use it’s brain in a different way. If you are scared of jumping, or if you feel that you don’t want to ride over poles or jumps, there is always the alternative which is lunging over poles/cavaletties instead.


Or why not combine the two?

In your regular training though, I still think there are things we can do to help maintaining our horses focus and motivation to their work.
I find that if we are good about rewarding our horses work – this keeps them happier and I also find it creates a better understanding for what we like and not like quite so much.
Another thing I do is to give them lots of mini breaks where they’re allowed to stretch and relax, recover and chill their brains. When I feel that they’re swinging forwards positively I pick them back up again and go for a while longer.
Does your horse have a favourite thing to do?? This is an excellent way to maintain the feeling of a happy athlete! Reward your horse, or let him/her have a mini break in the schooling session, by doing what they enjoy. Now this is very individual – my last horse, Nebrijano, he loved extended trot, so when we had specially done something he found hard, then we would always let him go and have a little play at an extension, he would always prick his ears in joy!
My current horse likes when you stand up in a jumping position, slightly lengthening your reins and let her canter on forwards, she always has a little shake on her head and a few bounces to let you know she appreciates the reward, or shall we call it – playtime?
What do you think?

Some horses are also very sensitive to your voice, so using words in your rewarding can also be a really good tool. When I go “Aaaawh she’s such a good girl” my horse always sparkles up, points her ears, and it feels like, she’s smiling.


Here is me on a newly backed 3 year old – i must say, I look very happy and he looks very relaxed, just like it should be in a moment of reward!

I hope you have enjoyed this blogpost, I would love to hear your opinions, do you agree – or not? Would you consider yourself to be a motivational rider? Are there things you would like to improve on?

Happy training everyone !

Take Care

Best Wishes
Ancha XO

What we use and how we work our stables/bedding

Monday morning! On instagran later you will be able to see my Monday motivation @Takethereinsequestriantraining go and give it a follow 😊

Anyway, today I am going to show you what type of bedding we use and how we have decided to do our beds.

So we use Verdo european pellets as a “base” where the horses have their wet patches. Then we use sundown yellow(rapestraw) as a bank and to make the beds fluffier and cleaner looking.

This mix seem to work really well for us. We use about one bag of each per horse per week. But got to be said, our boxes are VERY large.

We do not water our pellets, as we have noticed for how we use them, it is more efficient and less usage if we leave them dry.

We do not use haynets, so our picky horses sometimes leave and spread hay about, but because of the bedding we use, we just mix it in and it works very well!

We muck out with a skip and take out wet patches with a hayfork(forgot to photograph that one, whopsie)

Then we straighten the bed with a rake. We always sweep our beds back. We also skip them out twice a day after the big muck out in the morning.

We have buckets for the water which we clean out and change every morning and top up in the afternoon.

We have a little bank in the back only, if we have a horse that rolls a lot or has a backround with getting cast we will also have banks round the sides. We want it to look nice, and work well, but also be time efficient! So I would say our beds are very functional, but not beautiful as some can be. They are safe, solid, soft and dry! I like them anyway!

Would love to hear about how you work your beds!

Take Care

Best Wishes

Ancha XO

Hårstad Hestesenter an opportunity of a lifetime

This is my last bit of my throwback, prolonged, week. This is really a coincidence I ended up here. I stepped in for my mum, as she got sick one day before she were due to go and hold a weekend clinic. I went and held the clinic in her stead and had an amazing time! A few days later, Katrine, which runs the centre, phones up saying to my mum

Has she found a job yet? Or can she come here and work in my riding school, my instructor has fallen ill there’s noone else I would consider better for the role

I was speechless, accepted and went on the train I think the next day (or two). And so it all begun!

I became the riding school manager. We had between 16-20 horses. School was split in two, ponies and horses, age limit was round 11 to get into horses. I taught between 3-6 lessons a day, with between 5-8 in each lesson. Mondays through Thursday’s. There was also a possibility to book private and semi private lessons 😊

Just like at the other places I would teach all levels at the riding school. We also had a “satningsgruppe” which had more specific training on their loaned school horses and were allowed to compete.

We also ran competitions, and had activity day’s, which some needed a lot of organisation!

I loved this tho, have responsibility and feel my boss really had faith in me and what I was doing. We would have about 200 clients or more per week, we were 3-4 instructors teaching.

I also had my own horse, and sometimes had horses for training.

I had such sweet students here, a lot which still rides for me when I go up to Trondheim for my clinics.

I would also frequently find my phone in odd places, with, let’s call them interesting…..pictures 😂❤

I really had a blast here! And going through all pictures and all the memories flowing round in my head, makes my heart so warm of joy!

I here, sadly got injured, tendonitis, in both of my arm’s.

Luckily I could still teach and for jumping purposes the kids were great at helping me with the fences.

It was also very beautiful surroundings here.

The cutest dog, belonged to my boss, but she bought her when I was there living in her house so I was big part of her growing up, loved her, Fiffi ❤

Then two of the Shetland ponies and showing it can be nice temperatures even up north haha!

After a while – my boss asked me a question. A question I had to think really hard about before I could answer. She made me an offer, to take over the riding school, an establishment she’s built up over I think round 20 years. I was honored, in tears, had to pinch my arm, I couldn’t believe and understand that a person could have so much belief in me, I was touched. Sadly, my lack of confidence kicked in really hard here, and I declined. I didn’t believe I could continue what she’d built up, and the thought of a possibility of failure, a chance to disappoint this person who’s given me so much belief, had such faith in me, was more than I could bare. But it ment more to me, than I think words can explain.

And if you read this, I want to say again, thank you so much, I can not find big enough words to express how grateful I am, having had you believe in me, and were willing to give me this chance ❤ A chance of a lifetime! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart❤

With a last picture of my beloved Prince, I say thank you for reading, and following my journey through time. I hope one day our paths will cross.

With Love

Ancha XO