Critic or constructive criticism, it’s a difficult balance.

Today it’s Wednesday & it’s still sunny! When is the rain going to come? As I mentioned a little while back I was playing with my camera and would share some photos with you. Quito is always really easy to photograph, he is a lovely colour with an amazing expression in his face and so much presence.

Ziezu never keeps her tongue in place which is part of her personality and we love her for it – even though for competition purposes she wouldn’t be great because of it, she’s perfect for us. I really love her work ethic and kind personality, it’s not so easy to come by.

Then we have Danza, with Debbie riding. In some ways I really love this photo and in others I hate it; I will explain why! Pros: She has a lovely hindleg, it’s really underneath her, she is fairly uphill and not behind the vertical, it’s almost a bit mystical. Cons: the light is not great, the picture is blurry, I have a strange set of light coming in through the open wall creating a bad shape which goes through Danza, splitting her almost in half & it’s not clear enough.

But I still like it -with all it’s imperfections!

I need to teach myself to be able to criticise me and my work but still allow myself to appreciate the good parts of it at the same time, which I find really hard. I only do photography as a hobby because it is something I really quite enjoy doing, but I still am really hard on myself. I would really love to learn how to properly use the camera and how to work in lightroom/photoshop and such thing’s – one day maybe.

It’s the same in all aspects of my life, even though I choose to be almost a little impersonal it’s a start to open up and it can only get better by practicing.

I hope you’re enjoying the week so far.

Take Care

Ancha XO


I think someone has swapped my horse for a new one!

Oh My GOD!!

Something is going on and it’s something really good! It is such a long time ago I felt happy like this – and gosh it’s a nice feeling! I almost don’t believe it – I am going to embrace it and hold on to it for as long as I can.

It’s something which is really hard for me! When I’m out teaching I’m comfortable, confident and trust myself – but take that environment away from me and I want to just go and hide!

Writing it here, makes it even more real! And that’s fine!

We all deserve to be happy and enjoy what we do and who we are and also the feelings we are experiencing, they’re all welcomed, even if they’re positive! ( I’m convinced you all think I’m nuts at this point! But honest to God – positivity is something I don’t often let in – it is a working progress! )

So anyway! My horse has been on the Calming Powder for about 5 days now and then I give her a cookie before riding and it’s like someone has gone and swapped my horse out for a new one! It is absolutely amazing the difference in her. I am over the moon!

Later today my vlog will hopefully be out – so excited can’t wait to share it with you!

Take Care

Ancha XO