Sunday is a fun filled day!

The sun keeps shining, we keep smiling and we keep sweating! 😂 lovely picture, I know! But what can we do? Apparently it is ment to be a few cooler days now and then heat up again – we really need RAIN! Never thought I would ask for rain, but here we go.

Heather is off on holiday tomorrow and we have Elisabeth here as first lady out of our three summer helpers! She came on Friday and will be staying til Thursday, the next one up will arrive some time Friday.

Today has been a vlog day and it’s been so much fun. If you want to subscribe to my YouTube channel you can click here. Today’s vlog will be out tomorrow. It is filled up with loads of fun!

I also took quite a few pictures today of some of the lessons which I will share with you once I’ve edited them.

I hope you all have had a great weekend and been enjoying the weather! Feel free to drop a comment and let me know what you all have been up to.

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Take Care

Ancha XO


I think someone has swapped my horse for a new one!

Oh My GOD!!

Something is going on and it’s something really good! It is such a long time ago I felt happy like this – and gosh it’s a nice feeling! I almost don’t believe it – I am going to embrace it and hold on to it for as long as I can.

It’s something which is really hard for me! When I’m out teaching I’m comfortable, confident and trust myself – but take that environment away from me and I want to just go and hide!

Writing it here, makes it even more real! And that’s fine!

We all deserve to be happy and enjoy what we do and who we are and also the feelings we are experiencing, they’re all welcomed, even if they’re positive! ( I’m convinced you all think I’m nuts at this point! But honest to God – positivity is something I don’t often let in – it is a working progress! )

So anyway! My horse has been on the Calming Powder for about 5 days now and then I give her a cookie before riding and it’s like someone has gone and swapped my horse out for a new one! It is absolutely amazing the difference in her. I am over the moon!

Later today my vlog will hopefully be out – so excited can’t wait to share it with you!

Take Care

Ancha XO

An evening of showjumping

Last night I got invited to Heathers house to watch some show jumping

and a takeaway 😱

Look at that haha! So much food and needless to say we didn’t manage it all!

But it was mega delicious! Heather had also made a dessert which was 😍

It was a nice evening with lots of chatter mixed with good sport on tv.

I didn’t work yesterday so I went for a walk which was very nice but it gave me

A bummering blister – how annoying?!

Take Care

Ancha XO

It’s been a trip of delayes

I’m just at Oslo airport, waiting to board and found out plane is delayed with over an hour bugger!!

I should’ve thought it would as all my flights has been this trip – mega annoying. But no point in getting annoyed as there is nothing you can do anyway.

I will try to cheer myself up by sharing some (sorry mobile phone quality) landscape pictures – because Norway is beautiful ❤

I have had a great time in Trondheim teaching – but will make a separate post about that.

From the time I started writing this, til now, the flight is even more delayed WHY?!

Looking forward seeing this little face again tomorrow 😍

Take Care

Ancha XO

Last weekend clinic before the summer 😍


So… my computer isn’t wanting to play. Hopefully it is mendable but who knows…

That’s what I think about technology.

Weather has been lovely! Danza is going really well 😍

Next weekend I’m going back to Trondheim for my last weekend clinic before the summer – I’m so excited!

On Sunday we went to Ashlyns Farm – was a lovely afternoon out!

Before I end this blog I’ll share one of the few pictures I managed to edit before my computer decided to stop working.

How cute is that 😍

Take Care

Ancha XO

Learning to be a horse

When I first bought Danza she would not go out.

She didn’t understand what going out was about at all – quite sad,but the way it was.

Last year we managed to eventually get her out a few hours per day during the summer, but once the grass wasn’t green and growing anymore, she had no intentions of staying out.

Yesterday was the first time I tried to put her out again – geared up with a hat and gloves, she surprised me by walking very politely beside me, not pulling, and once in the field, diving into the grass – was a lovely sight ❤

Hopefully she will become better, at being a horse & enjoying being outside, I think that would be very good for her brain and mine hah!

I think this looks like a very happy athlete ❤

Take Care

Ancha XO

Sunny Sunday

Been an absolutely lovely day! Hot!!!but lovely.

Horses are outside, naked, eating & relaxing – just the loveliest of sights.

I rode my horse, I think she thinks it’s to hot to trot 😉 but behaved well and we did get some good work 😊

In the evening I have been playing with my neighbors dogs 😍

Look how cute they are 😍😍

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend, ready to start a new week tomorrow.

Take Care

Ancha XO