X-ray, acupuncture, ultrasound, straight neck and flying money!


I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet on here! Just not been feeling like writing, partly because it hurts my hand to write to much in one go and I hate splitting it and coming back to it later – I lose my flow!

Anyway I thought I needed to give you an update on how things are going!

Danza is doing well, and her leg is improving so fingers crossed it will continue that way. She is very bored and would love to go out playing but is being very cool about it all!

Me on the other hand, hahaha! Well at least we are finding cues to what’s going on! I’ve been seeing a chiropractor (she might have additional education, I am not sure – she is really good though, that I’m sure of) Maybe 4/5 times now and we’ve been doing loads of stuff!

Initial consultation she wanted to do a neck x-ray before working on it so we did that. And because of the issues with my wrist we x-rayed that too.

We got the pictures and she noticed two vertebraes out of line in my neck and also the fact my neck is straight. Let me come back to that later. Wrist showed nothing with the bones – so we are a little clueless about what is going on there. We are treating it as if I had something called Dorsal Wrist Syndrome for the time being and treating it with rest, ice and ultrasound.

This week she wanted to do another consultation. On my back this time, to get a bigger picture. We haven’t taken any x-rays there but she is fairly convinced there are stuff not where they should in there too. Would explain a lot! She did some tests and to my great surprise the pain and weakness comparing one leg to the other was very interesting – much greater than I knew.

To get a full understanding of what’s going on – I need an MRI so that’s my new mission – wish me luck!

Straight Neck

What is it?! Well I don’t know!

I’ve been looking online, and it gives you lots of explanations. But not many answers unfortunately. Maybe some of my lovely followers has it and can shine some light on it for me?

How have you managed it? How did you get diagnosed with it? How did you treat it?

I will end this on a happy note and say my next Trondheim clinic is sorted out! Hopefully my health will stand up to it because mentally I am absolutely 110% ready to go and have a blast ❤️

Take Care

Ancha XO


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Freelance instructor and rider working in the equine industry in Norway and the UK. with a dream of inspiring people along their journeys❤

One thought on “X-ray, acupuncture, ultrasound, straight neck and flying money!”

  1. I don’t know if this is any use but I had whiplash last year and was told that the scan showed a very ‘straight neck’ because the soft tissue was so messed up that it was pulling the vertebrae out of place a bit. I have numerous other problems with my neck but certainly as the whiplash has died down (which is still in process!) I’ve been moving towards a more natural shape in my neck. So in answer to your questions: I was diagnosed after having an X-ray after a bad fall (not off a horse for once!). How did they treat it – they didn’t really, there was quite a bit of just waiting, which moves me on to…how did I manage it – HEAT is vital. Keep your neck muscles as warm as possible because it sounds like they’re in spasm and heat will help to relieve that. Movement is also very important – do some slow, breathing properly stretching every time you think about it. Consider going to a sports physio or similar to get a bit of help with that too – they will help stop you from overdoing it and/or give you the encouragement and techniques to get going! I would also say that it sounds as if you need more information so if you don’t have that yet I would definitely consider asking if it’s a muscle/soft tissue problem and whether it’s likely the result of a single incident or more chronic (or a mixture of the two). That might help you to avoid it getting bad again too. As for riding – because I have lots of problems anyway with my neck my physio said she was OK with me riding with a neck brace on (made out of very dense foam) but not all physios/doctors like that as it’s better for your neck to be able to support itself really. Fortunately I have a physio who took the view that activity is better than no activity, especially as not being able to do stuff was really affecting my mood 😦 ! Anyway hope there might be something helpful in all this. Good luck! Neck problems really are horrid!


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