Sleep Well Princess – You Were amazing ❤️

If you don’t follow my other social media you won’t know that my beloved pony Ari-Bella now runs free above the rainbow. 27 years of age she was – not a bad age. I knew Bella for 14 years. Let me take you back to the beginning of our relationship.

I was petrified of Bella! She was a very hot headed, sharp & forward pony. A big jump from my other horses. We never went and tried her, only saw a video – I didn’t like her there either. But she was a very good pony, competed up to 1.30 and was well educated in dressage, so my mum bought her anyway. After a while I started to settle in to her, she wasn’t so bad after all. She was a lovely little mare. Still all the things I mentioned above but she didn’t have one bad bone in her body!

She was the easiest horse to deal with in every way. But she didn’t love water, was scared of the electric fence and she wasn’t the most cuddly pony either. But she would give you kisses if you asked and give you a little whinny when you asked her; what do you say if you want your dinner? Even though she did think I was stupid and should’ve just given it to her already!

She loved going on hacks almost as much as she loved jumping!

She was mental, if you wanted a galopp then yaps she’d give you a run for your money! But never do anything stupid, except looking like a bulldozing vacuum cleaner (😂) and get strong!

In the jumping pretty much the same! I will share a few pictures and a video – I love this video! I can watch it 100 times over!!

The joy in her face in front of the jumps makes me warm inside! I love seeing a happy horse! And she ain’t looking bad for 22 does she? I think that’s what she was in those pictures!

This picture makes me laugh so much! It doesn’t always go to plan! But she still looks happy!

Just look at that face!

I was never gonna share these pictures! Worried that people were gonna react negatively to them. But today I don’t care. Today I am so happy that I had this pony and these memories so that I am able to share it with you all!

Here is a typical jumping day with Bella! I’m riding a very young Nebrijano and my sister is on Bella, sounds makes the experience even better!

She was a lovely mum too.

She absolutely adored her baby girl! They are now reunited again. The whole gang. I think that is one of the reasons these news were so upsetting to me. Even though I haven’t seen Bella in 4 years, the thought that I no longer can is hard to accept. She was with a young girl the last few years – to share her knowledge one more time. Under is a slideshow from their time together. Elin says; it was a priveledge to have the princess – she was a one in a million horse, we all have so much love for her – we will miss her greatly!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I don’t know how to end this blog well. I don’t even know if the blog is all that good. There are so many feelings spinning round. So many ifs, but to dwell in that is no good.

All I do know is that me and my sister were lucky, lucky to have had this horse in our life’s.

Sleep Well Bella ❤️

I love you ❤️


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Freelance instructor and rider working in the equine industry in Norway and the UK. with a dream of inspiring people along their journeys❤

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