Let’s talk about Elementary 49 & meet my new fury friend


I’ve just got my results back from this month’s online dressage competition and I’m really happy to say we won it ! Yey! 67% was the end result and I’m so happy! This test showed up a lot of our weaknesses so we really have been working hard! Test still had bloopers in it! Obviously her majesty has a lot of opinions about life.

But the overall feeling overall was so much better and considering we got as low as a 5.5 to gain 67% is not bad haha! Means it was lots to like. I agree with the comments from the judge 100% and we continue to work hard! Hoping next text suits us a bit better (wishful thinking here on my part)

This is a photo of princess with her auntie Debbie who had an awesome lesson together yesterday as you’ve seen if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook.

You can watch my latest vlog by clicking here where you’ll see bits of the test and also get introduced toooooooo:

Squirrily 😍 we saved him or her last week as it was spooking one of our horses whilst it was working in the indoor arena. It is absolutely adorable and I totally fallen in love with this fury one!

It also has gotten quite some visitors coming round;

Abi was a bit sceptical at first but then

Once she realised it was nice quite liked it I think!

Another visitor;

Kim on the other hand was definitely not sceptical and squirrily had loads of fun playing with her!

Yeah, as you can tell completely obsessed 😂 I mean who wouldn’t be right?

Anyway I will leave it here lovelies !

Wish you all a good week.

Take Care

Ancha XO


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Freelance instructor and rider working in the equine industry in Norway and the UK. with a dream of inspiring people along their journeys❤

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