Get to know my dance partner – Danza

Continuing on the introductions, I think it is time for you to get to know my precious little princess!

Let’s get the facts out first.
Name; D’alie’s Dance
Date Of Birth; 26-05-08
Sex; Mare
Breeding: Sire – Sarento(Sandro Hit) Dam – Don Primaire(Donnerhall)
Height; 17.1/2 HH
Nicknames; Princess, Sweetiepops,Grumpysaur, Ploppsi, Sunshine. But the most used one is Danza.


Danza has been with me since December time 2016 so our relationship is still fairly new.
When I bought her she was being advertised mainly as a broodmare as she had shown to be difficult to sell as a pure competition horse.
I had seen her out for sale before, but for a price I could not afford. When I then saw her again, I couldn’t resist. I went and saw her. Rode her. Barely got any tune out of her AT ALL, but loved the feeling of her paces and the fact she didn’t hurt my body.
I shouted out to Heather ” She is soooooo comfy!”
And then I hear Heather say to the guy – your horse has found herself a new home. This was true.

Danza has a strong competition record up to Medium, and on her climb achieved scores up to 80% – we have not competed yet.


She is a lady who knows what she wants and is not scared of letting you know. She is very strong willed, has strong opinions about life – what should happen and what she don’t think should happen. She is quite some lady!!

But at the same time.

She is an incredibly affectionate horse. She will follow your every move around the yard & talk to you. Hugs and kisses are given at any time she can and she absolutely loves cuddles. Eating and getting groomed are two of her favourite activities. She is in her own way a little bit timid but filled with love.


I knew buying her was to take a chance on something that maybe would go well or maybe not.
Even though we have had our ups and downs – no horse has ever taught me as much as Danza. She is so challenging and no day is like the other.

She is the horse that has really opened up my mind, my toolbox is bigger than ever and I’ve learnt to become very humble yet with a no-nonsense approach towards the horses I work with.

Danza is a horse which is very awake and a little useless at being outside-she finds that quite terrifying. It ia getting better, the calming cookies are really helping her – though she is not wind or waterproof yet!

Patience is a virtue and princess needs daily reminders about this…to wait – take a chill pill!

She has the most gorgeous eye’s. They have so much expression and depth in them – she has a lot of history to tell.

And with that – the introduction is over. Hope I’ve managed to create a determined, witty and loving picture of my dance partner.

If you have any questions I will do my best to answer them!

Do you have a introduction post about your horse? I’d love to read it, please drop me a link!

Take Care

Ancha XO


Author: Take The Reins Equestrian Training

Freelance instructor and rider working in the equine industry in Norway and the UK. with a dream of inspiring people along their journeys❤

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