Let me introduce you to *drumrolls*

The Quendon School Horses

So where I keep my horse in the UK is Quendon Dressage & Training
Heather who runs it is a very good friend of mine and has been one of my trainers for 8 years. She offers dressage lessons on her amazing school masters.
I thought it would be nice for you to see some beautiful pictures of them and get some more information.



Is the only mare in the school. She is a very big KWPN, probably short of 18HH but her heart must be equeally big, if not even bigger.
She has amazing big paces, specially her canter. But at the same time is beautifully collected and balanced. She has started working towards her tempi changes but still needs a bit of help to get it right. Passage is a little bit her party trick and piaffe is a working progress. She sticks her tounge out – but nobody here minds that. She is one very loved horse and people really enjoy her.




Is Heathers old competition horse. He is a very powerful Hannoverian gelding standing 17.1/2HH. I have known him as long as I’ve known Heather. And must I say – he is very special to me. He does everything – apart from piaffing. Though after Heather bought him a fairfax bridle – he is closer than ever! He is a bit more technical to ride and is very clear about what he likes and not – but WOW when you find his buttons he gives you the most amazing feel! His party trick is to throw in one time changes – he is like a machine then once he get’s going. Very loved boy!



Imp Act aka Ben:


He is a beautiful older gentleman who used to do cross country up to 2 stars. He is an Irish Draught and stands at 16.3. He is the sweetest most gentle horse we have and is perfect for people who have lost their confidence a little or feel a bit anxious. This is your man! He is very well schooled on the flat, does all the lateral work and has changes down to two times. He is very comfortable and lovely to ride and be around, though sometimes he can be a little bit shy. He loves cuddles and food!




This is the oldest and most cheeky man of them all!
He is a 15.1/2 PRE gelding with a bunch of personality! He is like a mirror of the rider and great teacher – no matter your level, he will have somthing to teach you. He learnt everything he knows after an age of 17 – which is very inspiring i think!
He has all the lateral work, changes(they’re not perfect, but functional), piaffe, passage & spanish walk. And he absolutely loves working – he is like a little duracell bunny, he never runs out of energy. I think everyone loves this cheeky little chap!




Is a kwpn gelding around 16.2HH and is a full out Grand Prix horse.
He is a very sweet guy who enjoys his job here very much. He is a true gentleman, but he still knows how to have fun. He likes to teach more novice people the feel of the movements and is very forgiving. But equally so he loves going round strutting his stuff and showing off with the more experienced riders. He doesn’t have the biggest movements, but he does try his little heart out to please you.


That’s the lovely boy’s and girl introduced.
I hope you liked this post – feel free to ask any questions about the school horses, I am more than happy to answer them.

All pictures are taken by me.

Wish you all a lovely weekend.

Take Care
Ancha XODSC_0386.JPG
One last picture – just because I love Mattiemu so much!


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