I feel like I’m on cloud nine – Weekend Clinic review ❤

So last weekend, 1-3 june I held my last clinic in Trondheim before the summer holidays. I had an absolutely amazing time – I am genuinely so happy when I come here and teach ❤

I thought I would share some pictures(sorry only mobile phone quality) thoughts and what we did with you from my time away 🤗

Friday started early and ended very late. My first lesson was at 10am and last lesson finished at 9.45 pm, but I had a few breaks.

What makes my weekend clinics so interesting is that I teach such a wide range of people and horses. It makes me keep focused, really developing ideas, testing them out & it stays intriguing as it is never the same. On this trip I’ve taught hobby riders wanting to develop a stronger bond and understanding with their horse, helped with reschooling of both a cold blooded trotter and a thoroughbred, worked with quite a few show jumpers on their flatwork, a little bit of jumping and more developed dressage riders working on strengthening their tool kit for what to come.

This is Sofie and John, we worked a lot on softening the topline and engaging the hind legs without tension creeping in as he is a horse with a lot of expression and opinion. We also talked about finding the middle, riding the bend evenly throughout the body and not let him push against her leg. They did a super job! Day two he looked so much softer! Keep the good work up!

Stina with her lovely, fairly new mare Maddie. First time I meet this horse. Stinas focus is on show jumping and she’s been competing nationals successfully before. This horse has been very well trained in dressage so here we worked on getting an understanding for how to use different leg and seat aids to engage, push and collect, instead of just the hand. Day two we worked the same but with little cavaletties in the way. This is a new way of riding for Stina and she did a really good job!

Edith and Saffri is a very sweet combination! Saffri is a very well educated mare. She’s trained to a high level in dressage but is mainly used in show jumping by Ediths daughter now. She is full of life and spirit. We worked on contact, connection & straightness. MAGICAL was Ediths words after the lesson. They really know each other and you can see their communication is great, now Edith just needs to remember to trust her own instinct even more and this will get even better.

Liv-Anne & Abel is probably my oldest clients here. We like to play around with half steps and piaffe to lift his tummy and engage his hindlegs in the beginning and build from there. Abel is an older gentleman full of character! Sometimes he can find schooling booring so it’s important that we always work positively with added bits of fun and play! Second day was SO good! Probably one of the best since we first met each other as he was positive, connecting, pushing and forwards. The smile on boths faces was such a rewarding feeling – warms my heart! This is definitely the way forwards.

Mia & Hopp are probably my most competitive dressage combination I teach here. She debuted Advanced Medium earlier this year. He is scared of the schooling whip so here we need to think a little outside the box sometimes. We worked a lot on travers to soften and engage. We then worked canter & counter canter where we moved his quarters in and out as a preparation for the flying changes as he has a tendency to start anticipating, elongate and wanting to run away a little. The changes improved a lot and Mia contained beautiful control and rideability all the way which is a HUGE improvement! So proud of them both as I know this has been a struggle for a long time and been a bit deflating, but this smile – says it all, don’t you think?

Johanne & Willy are a lovely pair! They have really found their best friend in each other! Johanne is recovering from a knee operation so we worked a lot on finding back to her seat, find the middle and letting her body find strength and softness in the right places the two first days. Last day we worked on lateral movements as she lose confidence in her abilities sometimes – which I wanted to show her was absolutely not a need to do! She did very well!

Mathilde & Raggen. This horse is the youngest of the lot and he is MEGA CUTE! We worked on getting a little sharper reactions from him and connect to the hand as he has a tendency to come a little behind the contact. Day two we mixed in a jump and worked on the same and to keep a relaxation throughout as he finds jumping very exciting. We worked transitions towards the fence and after the landing to keep focus and not fire up to much towards the fence.

Now.. no-one can say he doesn’t sit and is uphill haha! Had to share this with you all! So sweet. They did a great job and I will be very excited to see them later this year to see how they have kept developing.

I look forward seeing everyone obviously, but especially with youngsters there is so many unwritten chapters left.

Kristine and Nilla(I think) here on the last day jumping. Prior to this we worked on starting to relax and understand the contact, seat and leg aids as she is being reschooled from driving. Even though Kristine on day one was a bit anxious as after last time she fel they had reverted back, I thought they had improved massively! And continued to do so throughout the weekend. It’s not an easy process but they are a good bit on their way and they just patiently have to keep at it and I’m sure they’re on a winner together.

Ingvild and Willow. I taught Beate(mum) on Willow on the friday and Ingvild on Sunday. These three have improved so much since I first meet them! Both in confidence, which has led the horse to develop a lot, especially in the way he uses his body in the paces & in their beliefs of what is possible! He is a lovely yet quirky boy who likes to have a good time and owners likewise! This just keeps getting better and better, so happy for them.

Vivian and Ina, (owner didn’t want to be pictured so she is hiding!) This is a very sharp hot headed little thoroughbred mare but at the same time soooo cute and in her own way very willing to please. Here we worked on finding a mañana place and different tools to help us help her to relax and calm down. When she manages to stay calm she has some lovely work coming, we just need to let her find peace in her work more and more and I’ll suspect this will turn in to an even more fun horse to work with. They are so nice together and full of humor!

I taught more people, but forgot to take pictures, Whopsie! Next time.

To everyone who attended this clinic

I am so thankful that you choose to train with me! It warms my heart! I truly am so proud of all of you! No matter what level you’re at or what level you want to get to! I have faith in all of you! Keep up all your good work ❤

Til we meet again

All the best

Ancha XO


Author: Take The Reins Equestrian Training

Freelance instructor and rider working in the equine industry in Norway and the UK. with a dream of inspiring people along their journeys❤

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