Feedback, the Good & the Bad – My Dream

I try to keep all my social media platforms alive and interesting.

The vlog takes longest and secondly comes this blog.

I really enjoy this journey – and to be allowed to share it with everyone is amazing!

Most of the time outer engagement is positive – but not always! This is also ok, not everyone will like me, my horses or share my beliefs & am absolutely fine with that.

What I want to be able to do with my different pages and channels is to inspire, help others and share my experiences. I am still on a journey myself, have a lot left to learn, loads of things I’d like to deepen my knowledge in and further my education – and I would love to take you with me!

The beauty of horses and this industry is that you always have things left to learn. The more you explore the bigger your toolbox gets and the more prepared you are for your future challenges, wether it is in general life, finding a new horse, develop your bond with your current horse or maybe even help other people along the way.

All I can do is sharing my journey, my experiences & ways of dealing with different situations – hopefully in a intriguing & good way!

I will never claim to know it all -tell you what’s right or wrong or think everything I do is right.

But I will try my best, share my ups and downs along the way & help myself find a courage to believe in my qualities and not only judge myself by what I cannot do. I never thought I could do this – but I am giving it a shot, giving myself a chance.

The least I can say in the future is I TRIED.

And I hope you want to take part of that with me 😊

Best Wishes

Ancha XO


Author: Take The Reins Equestrian Training

Freelance instructor and rider working in the equine industry in Norway and the UK. with a dream of inspiring people along their journeys❤

4 thoughts on “Feedback, the Good & the Bad – My Dream”

  1. You couldn’t have said it any better 🙂 Blogging and the equine industry is fun, rewarding! There will always be critics don’t let them get you down sharing what we have learned right or wrong is the beauty of life 🙂 and being able the share our cool finds on our blogs is part of the fun 🙂

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