What we use and how we work our stables/bedding

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Anyway, today I am going to show you what type of bedding we use and how we have decided to do our beds.

So we use Verdo european pellets as a “base” where the horses have their wet patches. Then we use sundown yellow(rapestraw) as a bank and to make the beds fluffier and cleaner looking.

This mix seem to work really well for us. We use about one bag of each per horse per week. But got to be said, our boxes are VERY large.

We do not water our pellets, as we have noticed for how we use them, it is more efficient and less usage if we leave them dry.

We do not use haynets, so our picky horses sometimes leave and spread hay about, but because of the bedding we use, we just mix it in and it works very well!

We muck out with a skip and take out wet patches with a hayfork(forgot to photograph that one, whopsie)

Then we straighten the bed with a rake. We always sweep our beds back. We also skip them out twice a day after the big muck out in the morning.

We have buckets for the water which we clean out and change every morning and top up in the afternoon.

We have a little bank in the back only, if we have a horse that rolls a lot or has a backround with getting cast we will also have banks round the sides. We want it to look nice, and work well, but also be time efficient! So I would say our beds are very functional, but not beautiful as some can be. They are safe, solid, soft and dry! I like them anyway!

Would love to hear about how you work your beds!

Take Care

Best Wishes

Ancha XO


Author: Take The Reins Equestrian Training

Freelance instructor and rider working in the equine industry in Norway and the UK. with a dream of inspiring people along their journeys❤

6 thoughts on “What we use and how we work our stables/bedding”

  1. Interesting to see this. I have my horse at a boarding stable so i do not do the stalls myself. For the winter I am in Florida and here they use recycled cardboard chips for bedding. It works quite well. It is a bit different to pick out manure from but once I got the hang of it quite easy. I get the staff to pull the bedding away from the edges as my horse moves it around himself.I also feed hay in a nibblenet ( small 1 1/2 inch square openings) as it slows him down. I previously had a horse with ulcers and since then have used a nibblenet. I like the look of your stalls with your bedding.

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    1. Oh wow I’ve never actually worked with cardboard! That’s really interesting, there is so much different stuff out there now!
      Yeah, our horses basically have food all day, we feed mainly hay. But the haynets are absolutely not a bad idea to make them eat slower and for a longer amount of time!
      In Norway, we used to take the bedding away from the edges aswel, but here in england, banks are a thing you see almost everwhere. They look strange when I say I’m used to pull it in from the walls haha!:)

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