Hårstad Hestesenter an opportunity of a lifetime

This is my last bit of my throwback, prolonged, week. This is really a coincidence I ended up here. I stepped in for my mum, as she got sick one day before she were due to go and hold a weekend clinic. I went and held the clinic in her stead and had an amazing time! A few days later, Katrine, which runs the centre, phones up saying to my mum

Has she found a job yet? Or can she come here and work in my riding school, my instructor has fallen ill there’s noone else I would consider better for the role

I was speechless, accepted and went on the train I think the next day (or two). And so it all begun!

I became the riding school manager. We had between 16-20 horses. School was split in two, ponies and horses, age limit was round 11 to get into horses. I taught between 3-6 lessons a day, with between 5-8 in each lesson. Mondays through Thursday’s. There was also a possibility to book private and semi private lessons 😊

Just like at the other places I would teach all levels at the riding school. We also had a “satningsgruppe” which had more specific training on their loaned school horses and were allowed to compete.

We also ran competitions, and had activity day’s, which some needed a lot of organisation!

I loved this tho, have responsibility and feel my boss really had faith in me and what I was doing. We would have about 200 clients or more per week, we were 3-4 instructors teaching.

I also had my own horse, and sometimes had horses for training.

I had such sweet students here, a lot which still rides for me when I go up to Trondheim for my clinics.

I would also frequently find my phone in odd places, with, let’s call them interesting…..pictures 😂❤

I really had a blast here! And going through all pictures and all the memories flowing round in my head, makes my heart so warm of joy!

I here, sadly got injured, tendonitis, in both of my arm’s.

Luckily I could still teach and for jumping purposes the kids were great at helping me with the fences.

It was also very beautiful surroundings here.

The cutest dog, belonged to my boss, but she bought her when I was there living in her house so I was big part of her growing up, loved her, Fiffi ❤

Then two of the Shetland ponies and showing it can be nice temperatures even up north haha!

After a while – my boss asked me a question. A question I had to think really hard about before I could answer. She made me an offer, to take over the riding school, an establishment she’s built up over I think round 20 years. I was honored, in tears, had to pinch my arm, I couldn’t believe and understand that a person could have so much belief in me, I was touched. Sadly, my lack of confidence kicked in really hard here, and I declined. I didn’t believe I could continue what she’d built up, and the thought of a possibility of failure, a chance to disappoint this person who’s given me so much belief, had such faith in me, was more than I could bare. But it ment more to me, than I think words can explain.

And if you read this, I want to say again, thank you so much, I can not find big enough words to express how grateful I am, having had you believe in me, and were willing to give me this chance ❤ A chance of a lifetime! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart❤

With a last picture of my beloved Prince, I say thank you for reading, and following my journey through time. I hope one day our paths will cross.

With Love

Ancha XO


Author: Take The Reins Equestrian Training

Freelance instructor and rider working in the equine industry in Norway and the UK. with a dream of inspiring people along their journeys❤

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