Mossemarka & Lefdals Rideskole

So these two places are where I really started to teach, like for real, as a main job.
Sure I was teaching in England & Ireland also, but not as a main priority. This is where I found out just how much I love to help people and that this is something I could see myself doing in the future.

I was trying to find pictures yesterday, but ended up not having that many – and remembered my computer and hard disc broke.


I look so young here! So full off it, my confidence, my joy – my ongoing fight to get back to. Doing this throwback week is really helping me see that.


First out was Mossemarka, very close to where my dad lives, so this was home, strange – I had never worked “at home” before. I taught all sorts here ranging from complete beginners up to more advanced dressage and show jumping. We also had a system where people “rented” horses on days we did not run the riding school, they were allowed to compete sometimes. I would help them, coach them & support them. I loved it!


We also did some hacks, here I am out with one group, I am on a riding school horse aswel, such a sweet boy. Behind we have one of our most used ponies, next a lovely mare, but very inexperienced & last a Nordlandshorse/ Lyngshest I bought after I started who were a STAR.


The riding sentre was pretty big. We had two indoors, one 20×60 and one even bigger than that. Two outdoor plus a cross country track.


Gazing over the outdoor arena, it is all harrowed, suggesting an upcoming competition.



This is me competing a horse for a client, this shows the other outdoor arena, very big, enough to have two full sized dressage arenas running at the same time.


This is a picture of the big indoor arena, the one mostly used for the riding school with one of my students and another school horse I bought after I started working here. A well schooled mare, I loved. Could be a little over excited in the jumping, but for the more experienced riders, this was not an issue. It also gave them the oppertunity to try to jump a little higher and more complicated exercises.1001822_501152556622990_1826242899_n


Most of the girls were interested in show jumping. Because the sentre was fairly big and we had good facilities, we had a good amount of competitions of different levels running for the clients to participate in. Dressage, showjumping and even the odd cross country competition.

When I finished my time here, some of the clients got together and got me amazing goodbye gifts, I even got a phone. I felt so special, first time I ever felt that I ment something, that I made a difference and mattered to people. I will never forget this!1040408_4678234685688_881816336_o


Every single one from here, will always have a special place in my heart, forever.

Next, I went to a place, not very far away from here to be honest, just across the water, called Lefdals Rideskole.
Also here was I responsible for a lot of teaching, but this place was SOO much bigger than anywhere I had been before in regards of amounts of horses and staff. In the summers they had camps, mainly for kids. Think we had capacity to take between 80-100 kids per week. And I think we had at most around 130-150 horses( wintertime some of the horses went back home as were only on loan for the summerperiode).
I LOVED the buzz and the feel of this place in the summer, was so much fun!


We had horses from this size up to huge 18 hh youngsters. Main focus here would also be show jumping, but a lot of the horses were well schooled on the flat aswel.
This place was also huge, two indoors, galopptrack, cross country field big outdoor arena.
One of the indoor arenas was even heated, I tell you….this was HEAVEN in wintertime!


Also lovely grounds to hack on.

Let me show you the few pictures I have from my time here.1456084_673648252654287_1914119141_n





In the summers, we all wore caps, with different colours, symbolising what we were, teacher, helper, photographer and so on.
I think we could have 6 lessons running at one time if not maybe even more, it could be a busy wee place this.

This is the good bye bit, which I will end this post with. This was maybe from an autumn break camp as not so many people.





The pictures from Lefdal are all borrowed from their facebook page from the time I was working there.

After my time here, I had some time off working and moved over to Sweden with my horse. But that is a story for another time.

Take Care

Best Wishes

Ancha XO


Author: Take The Reins Equestrian Training

Freelance instructor and rider working in the equine industry in Norway and the UK. with a dream of inspiring people along their journeys❤

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