Stutteri Leal – My Pura Raza Española paradise

So we continue my throwback week. This is in Norway.

I was here for two seasons, as it was only “open” during spring summer and Autumn, not winter.

I loved this place. Marie, my “boss” was amazing, we had so much fun. Klara was there the first year, sadly not the second, but we remain in contact still 😍

Here you also see Humla(which in swedish means bumblebee ) and a horse called Olivia.

Year two, she had puppies, just look at these cuties 😍

My job here was to work as a groom, assistant yard manager and rider. They breed PRE’s so we had horses ranging from unborn til breeding stallions and all in between. Here is a little “babyboom” for you!

Everyone lived together outside in a herd bar the stallions, they were stabled.

In the summers the youngstock got driven out to different big fields to have a fun time, eat lots of food and just be horses.

The 3 year old’s stayed closer to home so we could back them.

First two pictures above is Novato, son of my favourite mare to ride and the third picture is of Nebrijano, who I ended up buying when I left.

I love the process involved in working with young horses and bringing them on. It’s so interesting and valuable. From putting the tack on, til the first time you’re on and then all off a sudden, you’re cantering round. They all take it in their own stride. I think it is REALLY important not to rush the young horse. Take it in their own time, it will all come, I think this is a place you can really make or break a horse. Keep it simple, fairly black & white and very positive always. Then you get nice harmonious horses. If you push and stress them, it all turns into a bad experience and you will have a nervous horse instead. Some take it all in so fast and just love it and in just a few weeks they are fine with a rider on, working in an outline in all paces. Others take months before they feel comfortable, and this is ok. Mine was a slow one, when all the other’s were cantering, we were still just lying over him getting him used having weight on.

Most of them were for sale. Here is a few pictures of my favourite ones. This is Marocko

This is Joyita



My big dream horse my wallet sadly couldn’t afford Jarama❤

Here is Jaramas and so many of the other lovely horses dad, Romero

Leal was the other breeding stallion, here with Marie.

And here….. in between all the cows.(I do not encourage people to ride without hats!)

We also participated in the “PRE Championships”

We also had sheep 🤗

Which were equally much inside, as outside of their fence hahaha!

There was ALWAYS a lot of stuff going on. I really LOVED this place, the horses and Marie. If you’re looking for a nice kind PRE, I can’t recommend this place enough ❤

This has been a very long post, but I hope I’ve shown you how much love and passion I had for this place, and for my work with young horses.

I will end this post with a picture of the beautiful prince I bought as I left this place after my second year, with tears ❤ he will get his own post another time.

Take Care

Best Wishes

Ancha XO


Author: Take The Reins Equestrian Training

Freelance instructor and rider working in the equine industry in Norway and the UK. with a dream of inspiring people along their journeys❤

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