Exercise time

So, a little break in my throwback week, as I need pictures for my next post.

This exercise is ok for all levels, and something really really useful, no matter what discipline you ride, you and your horse/s level, works for everyone!

So you start in walk, transitions between walk and halt, in the corners. Then once this is smooth, you change so you do trot to walk first, then halt. The important thing is quick reactions in the transitions. After a little while the horse is suggesting to halt itself, you allow him/her to come back to you, but you then sit and “push quickly” to keep a forwards going momentum, this will be your halfhalt now. And then through the corner in a “big halfhalt” try to keep the balance and let them push forwards coming out from the corner. Repeat for a few circuits, until it’s more like a habit.

This makes excellent corners, lovely through halfhalts as the horses keeps thinking forwards and gives you a huge improvement on the balance. I also find it makes them a little hotter(depending how much you do them).

Do it both ways, if your horse is a little more advanced in its work, this is also great for the canter🤗

One thing to really think about is to do the halfhalts forwards. Don’t think backwards in them, let the anticipation from the horse due to the exercise come “back to you”so you can think quick and through in it, the corner also helps as collecting due to being part of a circle. Also really try to ride the transitions with your seat into your hand, and not the hand back to your body. Makes an enormous difference.

I do this almost every time I ride, as a part of the warmup as I find it helps so much with the engagement and balance. Even though it mind sound very simplistic and basic, it is actually so so important.

Give it a try and let me know what you think? 🤗

Take Care

Best Wishes

Ancha XO


Author: Take The Reins Equestrian Training

Freelance instructor and rider working in the equine industry in Norway and the UK. with a dream of inspiring people along their journeys❤

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