England & Ireland

So, these two jobs, I basically went to, only for a short while to gain qualifications.

England first, to get my BHS Stage 1. At a place called Contessa Riding Centre. They also offer lessons on schoolmasters, mainly dressage. But also “normal riding school”. I didn’t get to ride any of the advanced horses whilst here, I mainly rode a gelding called Romy. He was quite a cheeky personality, but I loved him to bits 😊 I only have these two picture’s from my time here

Millie, was a youngster, which I also rode a fair bit, I liked her a lot aswel 😍 she was such a sweetie.

My next stop, was not Ireland, but I will write an own post about that next. So let’s skip a while and go to Ireland.

Here I took my BHS Riding and road safety and BHS Stage 2. I was not here for a very long time either, as this was a place I went in between my two seasons at Stutteri Leal, which I will write about tomorrow.

This is one of the first places I really started to teach clients as a main priority, aswel as riding. Kenneth, is an international show jumper, so I was in charge of the flatwork for his grand prix horses,and also for the youngsters. I worked alongside another swedish girl, and we had a bunch of helpers, who were great.

This was my favourite, Dorla ❤

When I first came here, this was like the second horse I got to ride, with the instructions, “she’s really sharp,be careful!”

I thought for mysef oh wow I am going to die, the Irish say she’s sharp… but actually she was just hugely misunderstood. She was originally, as a 3/4 year old in Kenneths competition yard. But proven to not be so straight forward. When I came I think she was 6/7 and basically not doing much. I worked with her, trying to make her understand the aids, softening & using her body better. After maybe a month and a half, he took her out in a 90 & 100 clear round just down the road. He didn’t have a lot of control, but she went through no bother. We continued to work. Nothing about this horse unsettled me. I felt so safe with her. People thought I was nuts, she was known to jump you out of the arenas, and piss off bucking out hacking. But we never had any problems. I even considered buying her and take up jumping. But my destiny was already set, I was leaving for a PRE(andalusians) breeding yard in Norway, to do dressage. Anyways…. we did everything together. We took hacks out,jumped cross country(ala natural) galopped across fields, jumped fences, cuddled. I miss this horse, even today. I just hope wherever she is, she is well. A little further down the line, if I am not remembering wrongly, she was out competing 120/130’s before she got sold.

We had loads of camp’s for children too.

This little girl, I will never forget her. She came to the yard, terrified of even touching the horses, after being injured before(not at this place). We took her on-board, slowly introduced her to our nicest ponies. And just look at her here, amazing. These things, makes me so happy. Being able to help people. I follow her on Instagram, she has her own pony now, and they’re doing very well. 😊

We also had a lot of fun, this was a surprise lunch from some of the kids as I was leaving. They took me out on an “adventure” and picnic 😍 how sweet!

This is a dog we rescued, she was absolutely lovely.

Another girlie I liked a lot, Goldie. Such a kind hearted horse.

And with that, I will say good bye for now. Hope you’ve enjoyed my little blog. Please feel free to ask any questions 😊

Take Care

Best Wishes

Ancha XO


Author: Take The Reins Equestrian Training

Freelance instructor and rider working in the equine industry in Norway and the UK. with a dream of inspiring people along their journeys❤

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