Germany – Reiterhof Eilfort

This is one of my favourite places I have ever worked. And I actually visited it last year which was lovely, 7 years later.

I arrived to the yard, it was so beautiful, everything was in stone, looked so tidy and professional. I was in love already.

The people was amazing, so welcoming and kind and so helpful, which is why I now have “sent over” one of my old students there. Couldn’t be at a better place when you start out.

This is Mona, my favourite pony with the owners daughter Antonia.

This is a signature Hilde look 😍 such a cool lady! We girls lived in the big house with her. We also had horsey holidays for kids and they also lived in this house.

This was the “old gang” when I was there( I’m in the middle ). The Eilfort Family, we all belong in together 😁

This was one of the most beautiful special horses I had ever seen. Sadly she did not work out for ridden work but is a lovely broodmare now. Her mum died suddenly in the field when she was 3/4 months old and she got brought up by two Shetland ponies after that.

This white horse, was like my own and I actually almost bought her 😍 her name is Athletica, a showjumper. She was so spooky, she used to spook at everything and nothing, it annoyed me greatly so one day I decided to go *boooooh* at her every time she did, which made her “double spook” and eventually she lost interest in the spooking and was a real pleasure to ride and hack out. I fell off this horse a countless amount of times, my jumping career haha. But as you can see, it also got better. Only thing I couldn’t get her to do was to walk past pigs, just not a chance!😂

Lucius was another favourite, here with Rene riding, he was only just backed. 😍

This man taught me so much. I could probably write a whole book about him. He was fantastic at breaking and backing the youngsters. And he had such a good humor. One of maybe the most important lessons he taught me was

Be the leader, show the horses what you’d like them to do, by doing what they understand and are taught from leaders before you. Their own.

Just to explain a little more; we had an unhandled, short of 18hh, mare in for work. He goes ” go and get her from the other stable in here and give her a groom” I look at him in a half panicked way and say “but how, she has never been led before?” Then he just looks at me and goes. “Make her just follow you, she knows what it’s like to be a horse and follow the leader of the pack. Show her you’re someone to follow” I still look at him with a question mark above my head. “But what if she runs me over?” He smiles and says “just run faster”

He was right of course, I went and got her,walked ahead of her and when she speeded up, I simply did the same and after just a day or two, she fully understood how this worked, how to follow, both directions and pace.

This is “Lilly” this is the one I liked the best. She was 3, after the stallion Londonderry, we had a lot of them as he was local to us. If I had money, this would’ve been a horse I’d buy, but I didn’t.

Willy, one of the liveries horses I used to ride. This was our “go to” place to have some fun!

And last, this is Felicitas, I loved this foal so much & I think she loved me too. She would always neigh and come running when she heard me no matter how far away in the field she was, she’d run away from all her friends and mum,haha, to come and say hello. Sometimes she wouldn’t even let other’s come near me ❤ so I had to tell her they were allowed, even if she got ever so cross. It was sad to leave her. But her owners are lovely people so wherever she is now, I am sure she has a lovely life, either it is as a dressage horse, or broodmare.

And with her nose. I say goodbye for now ❤

Take Care

Best Wishes

Ancha XO


Author: Take The Reins Equestrian Training

Freelance instructor and rider working in the equine industry in Norway and the UK. with a dream of inspiring people along their journeys❤

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